Garrett W. Lindemann is Verax CEO and Principal Executive Officer and has been associated with Verax since September 2017. Dr. Lindemann has undergraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees from St. John’s University (Minnesota), the University of Minnesota and the University of Kansas.  In his role at Verax, Dr. Lindemann intends to develop its management and personnel manpower planning based on the Cephalon Pharmaceutical Outsourcing model (where the company achieved $2B in sales before it had added its 14th employee. The central tenets of that model are the following: Fill six core business functions, outsource all other cost for a product or service until it is profitable for twenty-four (24) months and then internalize the variable cost for every function that cost three hundred percent (300%) more externally as variable cost than internally.   Among other major milestones in conjunction with his Wyoming-based Lindemann Consulting, Inc. (2004 to 2013), Dr. Lindemann authored multiple business plans for biotechnology companies; was partner in Smart Green Innovations, a technology transfer company bringing patented technologies and proven turn-key businesses from Europe and Israel to the U.S.; has been an active writer of technical white papers and frequent guest speaker at symposiums and conferences on marketing, technologies and patent portfolio; from 2001 to 2004, was Executive Vice President of Research and Development of Hisatek, Inc., leading that bio-medical company’s R & D and associated budget and financial analysis; and has been awarded two patents.